Email Spam Protection - jQuery Plugin

jQuery Plugin to protect email addresses in websites from crawlers

This is a tiny and simple jQuery plugin to protect email addresses from crawlers to avoid spam. Crawler are not able to collect email addresses from websites. If javascript is not available, users will not see clickable but readable email address. If javascript is available, users will see a clickable email address.

info [at]
Download Plugin
jQuery.emailSpamProtection.1.0.js (1kB)

How to use

  1. Write each email in HTML in this way: <span class="email">info [at]</span>. Span tags are perfect, but you can also use other tags. It is important, that they have a class attribute.
  2. Include jQuery and the plugin.
  3. Use $("body").emailSpamProtection("email"); to initialize the plugin. It works within the "body" tag or all other tags (div, table, etc.).

Example & Demo

<script src="jquery.1.4.2.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.emailSpamProtection.1.0.js"></script>
$(function() {



  Email: <span class="email">info [at]</span>!
Email: info [at]!

Here you can find the same functionality without using jQurey.

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